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Degree Title: Doctor of Holistic Healing, D.Min.

Earning an Holistic Healing Degree with ICMT will help establish you as someone qualified to provide spiritually-focused holistic healing services for your clients through the use of established metaphysical principles.

The term "holistic" refers to the idea that a being is greater than the sum of its parts. In the case of holistic health, the being of which we speak is the human body. Holistic concepts of health and wellness view achieving and maintaining good health as involving more than just taking care of all the various components that make up the physical body—attention must be paid to aspects such as emotional and spiritual well-being as well. The goal is a wellness that encompasses the entire person, rather than just the lack of physical pain or disease . Holistic Healers believe that attitudes affect a person's present condition, and that individuals play an active role in their own healing process. Holistic healers strive to treat the whole person emotionally and spiritually.

The International College of Metaphysical Theology Doctorate in Holistic Healing program is available for those who currently hold a Bachelors and Masters degree in Metaphysical Theology, or other related areas of study.

ICMT Doctoral Degree programs are presented in a Non-Traditional, Holistic Learning format. As with our Bachelors and Masters programs, students complete their course work by correspondence (e-mail, postal mail, phone, online forums, etc.). All Doctoral Programs require submission of a research dissertation. For additional details, see the Doctoral Degree resource page.


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